Sri Vishnu Totakura

Sri Vishnu Totakura

Tech Enthusiast, Ruby Engineer, Munich, Planet Earth

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Ruby on rails Elasticsearch Kafka Docker


Ruby gem to integrate Alexa with your Rails application and serve Alexa requests just like how you serve other HTML in rails.

Ruby Ruby on rails

DigitalOcean torrent downloader

Program to start a DigitalOcean droplet, download torrents on it, copy them to your local machine and delete the droplet.


Dynamic DNS - HurricaneElectric

Cron job to update a dynamic DNS records on Hurrican Electic

Shell Dynamic DNS

Certbot Manager

Easily Generate and manager wildcard SSL certificates using Letsencrypt and Certbot on RaspberryPi for domains managed under Digitalocean.

Shell Cron Docker Letsencrypt RaspberryPi